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From: Paul Consalvo
Subject: Dugout young porns MeetingThis story contains sexual contact between teen boys. The
story is totally fictional. If this story content is not of your
liking please leave. If this type of story is not legal where
you live or you are not 18 years old exit now. I would like
to get your comments on this story good or bad I will try
to answer all emails. Please contact me at the following ThanksThis is a fictional story non of the names have been changed.
The Dugout Meeting
There we were tied with the best team in the league at 6 and it was the
bottom of the 11 inning. We had runners on first and second and one out and
our best player at bat. Daryl was 5 feet 9 inches Sandy blonde hair just
above the collar any the deepest green eyes I ever saw. He just turned 16
As some people say if you have big feet you have a big cock. Daryl must
have a size 11 shoe. He had been the object of many of my last night
fantasies. I( My name is Weston ) on the other hand was a thin 5 feet 8
inches tall light brown hair cut short with hazel eyes. and coming up to my
16th birthday. Daryl was at bat and I was on deck. I was looking at him from behind and
was getting free young teenpics really turned on looking at his cute butt. I was hoping that
Daryl would young teen gallery
either get the game winning hit or hit into a double play. I
did not want to have to go up to bat with a raging hardon that I got from
watching Daryl swing his butt in the batters box. I was starting to drift
in another Daryl enriched fantasy when I heard the crack of the bat and saw
the ball carry over the centerfielders head and the winning run scored.
Everyong ran out of the dugout to celebrate while I just stayed in the back
and waited until the crowd died down. Once everyone headed for the dugout I
walked up to Daryl and said sweet he said thanks you are to. Well you could
have knocked me over with a feather. I just turned and walked back to the
dugout. I sat on the bench just to the left of Daryl. I started to change
into my street shoes when I noticed that someone was standing in front of
me. I looked up and there was Daryl. He was trying to get something off the
shelf above me. I asked if I could give him a hand and he said not right
here. Well I put my shoes on and was headed out of the dugout when I
decided to go for broke. I asked Daryl if he wanted to spend the night at
my house. He turned and said only if you promise that we are going to have
some fun. I said Daryl the sky is the limit. He said cool see you later. I
was walking through the parking lot when I heard someone call me. I turned
and Daryl said hey Wes what time should escorts young I come over. I replied You can come
any time you like. He got this big smile on his face and said all night
long. I was walking home and carrying my bag in front of me due to the
hardon that was hiding in my uniform pants. When I got home I told mom that
Daryl was coming over to spend the night and mom said that was fine. We ate
dinner cleaned the kitchen and had everything ready. I look at the clock
and noticed that it was 7:30. I was starting to wonder if Daryl had just
said that to be nice. Mom came in hairy young teen the living room and asked were is your
friend. I said that I thought that he would have been here already. Just
then there polish young nudists was a knock on the door. My brother jumped up and answered the
door and turned and said Wes your boyfriend is here. I gave him a dirty
look as I went to the door. When I got there there was Daryl wearing a
light blue t-shirt that was almost see thru and a pair of jean cutoffs that
look about three sizes to small. I was just standing staring when Daryl
said Wes are you going to let your boyfriend in or shall I go home. I shook
my head and said sorry I just spacedout for a minute. He said no problem. I took Daryl up to my room and he put his stuff on the floor by my bed.
I asked if he wanted to play some games or watch TV. He said lets play some
games first then we can watch TV. We played Mario Brothers for hours and of
course I lost every game but it was not out of design I just suck at the
game. Then we watched TV for a while. I looked at the clock and it was
11:30 and I said that we should probably get to bed. Daryl agreed. Iasked
him where he wanted to sleep the bed or the sleeping bag. He choose the
sleeping bag. I said OK and laid it out on the floor. Daryl said goodnoght
and started taking off his cloths. He was down to nothing but his White
Jockies young nude that looked to be a little small but from where i was looking it
looked like he was just to big. I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom
and he said no. I said I would be right back and broke the land speed
record for taking a leak and getting back. I got undressed and went and
turned out the light. I laid there and was falling asleep when I heard
Daryl quietly say Wes are you sleeping. My heart started to beat faster and
I just laid there and said nothing. I started to hear Daryl rustling in the
sleep bag and I got a vision of Daryl playing with himself. I was breathing
fast but was more wanting to know what he was doing then anything else. I
took a couple deep breaths and calmed down. Then I heard Daryl again
whisper Wes are you sleeping. I just laid ther and said nothing. Several
minutes later I felt the bed start to move. I stayed quiet and felt Daryl
getting into bed with me. Every fantasy that I had of Daryl was free young teenpics coming.
Here was my special person that I alone new and he was getting into bed
with me. He got in bed and slid under the covers and started moving closer
to me. I young xxx
thought I was giong to youngest nudist gallery die. Then he was right next to me and I
realized that Daryl was naked and I could feel his hard cock against my
side. Then he reached up and put his hand on my chest. boy sexboy young He started rubbing
my nipples. I was in heaven but afraid to move for fear that it would all
end I took a chance and moved slightly towards Daryl and he stopped what
hewas doing and my hand slid down between up and right on his rock hard
cock. Daryl started rubbing my nipples again and I just sort of squeezed
his cock a coulpe times and heard him let out a very pleasureable sigh. He
started moving his hand down towards my now rock hard cock. He was rubbing
it through my underwear and for several minutes that was where he stayed
and free young teenpics I did not mind at all. he started moving his hand back up and I thought
that it was over but to my surprise stopped at the waist and slid his in to
my underwear and started rubbing again. This was about all I could take and
I started jerking him for real. He whispered in my ear that it was about
time. I continued for several minutes when Daryl told me to stop. I thought
that I had done something wrong He turned around free young pussi
which allowed us both a
better vantage point. I started jerking him again and he surprised me when
he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck well about 30 seconds I
said I can't wait any more he said nothing just kept on sucking. I expolded
in his mouth and he took it all and was enough that young nude celebs it sent him over the
top and I was bathed in his boy juice. He said he was sorry but I was so
happy I did not care. We cleaned up and I just laid there for what seemed
to be hours hold his cock. Daryl said I think we better nude young teens get some sleep and
I said that I did not want to let go. Daryl laughed and said don't worry I
have it on good authority That he likes you as young asain nudes well and will be back many
more times.Daryl and I spent the next three year spending that night young virgins russian
at each others
houses. We both started our senior year and Daryl was still playing
baseball. I had long since stopped due to the lack of talent. Daryl had his
own car so we would go places together. I would go to all the home games
but had chores to do that mom and dad said where more important. I was at
home and Daryl and the team were playing our crosstown rivals. I was
waiting to hear how things went.Several hours after the game was over I still had not heard from Daryl. I
figured they had won and were out celebrating. I called his house several
times but got no answer. I next day I was looking for Daryl because he
usually picked me up for school. I went in the front doors and someone came
up to me and said that he was sorry. I asked what he was sorry about and he
said you don't know. "Know what?" I yelled. Daryl was in an accident last
night on the way home from the game. He is at St. Mary's in Intensive care.
I left school and ran home and asked my mom to drive my to the hospital and
told her what had happened. When we got there mom asked if she should wait
and I said no. I ran into the hospital found out where Daryl was and ran up
the stairs. When I arrived I saw his mother there and I broke down. I
asked if I could see him. She asked me to sit for a moment while she
informed me what had happened. I was devastated. I had to see Daryl. His
Mom said that I could go in but only for a little bit young hairless and I said fine. I
got to his door and tried to youngest beauty tgp
pull myself together and I did pretty good. I
went in and saw Daryl all Bandaged up and wires going everywhere. I very
quietly said his name and he opened his eyes and smiled. I said Daryl I am
so sorry. I said that for him not to worry that I would be there to take
care of him for as long as he wanted me. He asked me to come over and sit
down I sat down and took his hand and said Daryl I love you now and I
always will. He smiled and said I know. But there is something I need to
have you do. I said You name it and its done. He started to cry, and that
broke my heart, Wes I need to have you forget about me and find someone
else.That was like young virgins russian hitting me in the heart with a bat. I said Daryl I will do
anyting you want but don't ask me to do that. He looked at me with those
loving eyes and said If you love me you won't question me about it. When I
get out of the Hospital we will be moving far from here and I don't want
you to suffer any more. I said Daryl my suffering will only get better when
you do. He asked me if I would do it for him. I said that if that was what
he wanted then I will do as he requests. He said I know this is hard it is
on both of us. I said but more for you. He said that he was tired and
wanted to get some sleep I said ok I will see you tomorrow. He looked at me
with green eyes and I just knew that when I left today I would never see
him again. I stood up bent over and kissed him and said Daryl I love you
now and I will for the rest of my life and if you ever need anything you
know my number and I will always be only a phone call away. He said as I
was leaving "Please forgive me for hurting you so much." I turned and said
Daryl you could never hurt me I love you young 14 naturists to much. I turned and walked out
knowing that that would be yhe last time I ever saw Daryl. I think about
him all the time and I pray for him every day. I loved Daryl then and I
love him still.
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